Super Dragon Ball Heroes Ultra God Mission

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Ultra God Mission

The Super Dragon Ball Heros promotional anime is taking a new turn with a new chapter entitled Super Dragon Ball Heroes Ultra God Mission.  This new chapter has new characters introduced like Aios the Suprem kAI from the previous generation. What is he plotting? You will have to watch the anime to find out.

So far, the first episode already announced the beginning of another great tournament — The Super Space-Time tournament that where Goku and his friends will be fighting against some top strong warriors from across time-space.

The Super Space-Time tournament will consist of a survival battle with 12 teams.  We get to see Jirem and Hit as well as some of the strong fighters we saw back in the Dragon Ball Inter-Universe tournament.

Plot summary

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Ultra God Mission

The story of this new arc begins with the former Kaioshin of Time, Aiosu (Aios), who arrives in front of Chronoa to seize the scrolls of time. Meanwhile on Earth, a mysterious figure appears to tell Goku that he has been invited to participate in the ” Space-Time Super Tournament “.“. Warriors from different space-times have been chosen, each team is made up of 7 people, there are a total of 80 fighters who will all have to compete at the same time in a fight for survival. To win, you will have to catch the “3 fairy warriors”, or beat everyone. 

Tournament time is limited to 50tack, and a great reward awaits the winner. Goku Xeno attacks Goku first, but he explains to him that he and his team are entering the tournament because they are after the KaioShin of Time named Aiosu.

Watch the opening episode

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Ultra God Mission Episode 1 VOSTFR




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